Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Upon graduation students are expected to be:

  1. Committed Christians who:
    1. Participate in the Christian community (prayer, worship, community service)
    2. Understand and articulate the basic concepts of Christian faith, history, and heritage
    3. Recognize and respect the sacredness of human life
  2. Effective Communicators who:
    1. Communicate effectively in spoken and written English
    2. Comprehend, analyze, and evaluate written and oral language and concepts in all subject areas
    3. Learn a second language as an effective communication tool
  3. Critical Thinkers who:
    1. Recognize and appreciate the need to continue to enrich their academic and spiritual lives
    2. Demonstrate an awareness of current events in this country and around the world
    3. Appreciate how the visual and performing arts enrich their lives
  4. Responsible Citizens and Globally Aware Individuals who:
    1. Understand the basic concepts of social justice and stewardship of our earth
    2. Recognize the importance of each individual in creating social justice and good stewardship in our school and local communities
    3. Understand and demonstrate Christian values and morals and who treat others with respect
  5. Technologically Competent Individuals who:
    1. Utilize the tools of technology efficiently
    2. Utilize Internet and library sources appropriately
    3. Understand how to evaluate and document Internet sources

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